오원주 (Wonzu Au)

...결국 모든 것은 셀프 포트레이트가 아닌가, 라고 생각합니다.

그렇게 안과 밖 그리고 경계면들의 수 많은 맞닿음이 하나였음을 생각합니다.
자화상적 상대성으로 부터 시작하는 것을 기점으로 최근엔 엥프라맹스(inframince)를 소재로 작업을 이어가고 있습니다.

... In the end, I think all photos are self portraits.

I think there was a lot of contact between inside and outside and the boundaries.
Starting with self-portrait relativity, we've been working on the subject of infraramince recently.


- Solo

2021. “Butterfly Walked” - Seodong Art creatoin space Gallery - Busan, Korea
2016. “Invisible Flower” - Ginza Nikon Salon, Japan
2011. "Silently witnessing"- Nagune, Tokyo, Japan
2008. “Tokyo" - ARTBIT Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006. "Ambient Walk" - encore Exhibition - Osaka Nikon Salon, Japan
2006. "Ambient Walk" - Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan
2003. "3rd independent curator exhibition, evocative you” - Art of ORI
2004. “Betide" - Samjin museum, Masan, Korea

- Selected Group

2016. “10-100, Happy Pictures” - Gallery Mac, Busan, Korea
2010. "DummyFactory photo exhibition - Mindscape" - 30 Km per hour, Busan, Korea
2008. "Art of the 2008 Busan" - Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
2008. "BMoA 10th anniversary exhibition" - Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
2004. "Art of the second story ORI" - Art of ORI, Busan, Korea
2003. "DummyFactory photo exhibition" - Kukdo Art Hall, Busan, Korea
2002. "Father “ Fine art photo exhibition - Kyungsung Univ, 1st Art Museum, Busan, Korea
2002. "story of four color photo exhibition" Kukdo Art Hall, Busan, Korea
2002. "9th Young Photographers Exhibition" Art Center, Daegu, Korea
1998. "Silhouette photo exhibition" Kamagoul little theater, Busan, Korea

Selected Publicatoins

2012. Culture Magazine ‘STUDIO 24’ Vol.25 p.48-53
2008. Art of the 2008 Busan. - Busan Museum of Art
2008. 80 years of art in Busan, Artist of Busan - Busan Museum of Art


2013~2018. adjunct professor Republic of Korea Naval Academy
2014. Lecturer of Art District P, Korea
2001~. Lecturer of DummyFactory, Korea


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